Download & Installation

Instructions for Windows Users

  1. pdfjoin requires Python. If you don’t have Python installed already, download and install Python 3.6 from

    During installation, make sure to check “Include into PATH”.

  2. If you already have Python installed, please check that your Python directory (normally C:\Python36 for python 3.6) and the Python Scripts directory (normally C:\Python36\Scripts) are in the system path. If not, just add them in My Computer ‣ Properties ‣ Advanced ‣ Environment Variables to the Path system variable.

  3. Install pdfjoin by running

    pip install pdftools.pdfjoin

    Then run the console command pdfjoin --help to get detailed help.

    If the command pip is unknown to you system, please refer to the pip homepage for help.

Instructions for GNU/Linux and other Operating Systems

Most current GNU/Linux distributions provide packages for pdfjoin. Simply search your distribution’s software catalog.

Also many vendors provide Python, and some even provide pdfjoin. Please check your vendor’s software repository.

If your distribution or vendor does not provide a current version of pdfjoin please read on.

If your vendor does not provide python please download Python 3.6 from and follow the installation instructions there.

If you distribution or vendor missed providing pip, alongside python, please check your vendor’s or distribution’s software repository for a package called pip or python-pip. If this is not provided, please refer to the pip homepage for help.

Optionally you might want to install PyPDF2 - which is a requirement for pdfjoin - provided by your distribution or vendor so at least this package will be maintained by your distribution. Check for a package named python-pypdf2 or that like.

Then continue with Installing pdfjoin using pip below.

Installing pdfjoin using pip

After installing Python (and optionally PyPDF2), just run:

sudo pip install pdftools.pdfjoin

to install pdfjoin for all users. For installing pdfjoin for yourself only, run:

pip install --user pdftools.pdfjoin

If your system does not have network access